About Us

Promising Excellence in Everything We Do

 We do hair — no nails or spa, just amazing haircuts, gorgeous hair color and products/treatments for the health of your hair. It's what we do best. But we know it's much more than just doing great hair. Our clients want a hair salon to be beautiful, kept spotless and to make you feel good and pampered, like going to a friend's home. It's why we chose the name Parlour-

Parlour: noun [pahr-ler] "a room for the reception and entertainment of visitors to one's home, or a somewhat private room in a hotel, club, or the like for relaxation, conversation, etc."

At Parlour, A Hair Salon our desire is to create a luxury hair salon environment that is both elegant and warm, beautiful and relaxed, a place to unwind and look and feel beautiful. 

 Give us a call and let's give you beautiful hair in a lovely and relaxed environment.


Parlour Stylists, Owners and Staff